BON Health Group is a New Zealand owned, family business, dedicated to manufacturing premium quality, certified organic products for distributors worldwide.  

Our packaging, designed in New Zealand and globally recognised is unique, recyclable and has a designer look to it. Our hope is through our marketing materials, our distributors can educate their customers to make a better choice over our competitors’ generic synthetic tampons and sanitary products which are made from highly chemical materials.
One of the most important aspects of BON is the knowledge that our products have improved the wellbeing of so many women. We love hearing from women living the BONlifestyle, so if you have any questions please get in touch or follow us on Instagram for a daily dose of positivity.

If you are a customer who would like to purchase BON products, please click on the agents heading on the home page to be directed through to our agents e-commerce pages which covers Europe (Lady Days) and China (Tmall). 

If you would like to become an agent to on sell BON products please read the minimum requirements in the ‘become a distributor’ tab on the home page before enquiring.