100% Organic

BON Health Group provides premium 100% certified organic womens hygiene products that are made from 100% organic cotton.

Using BON eliminates the risk of coming in contact with potentially harmful chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine to name the main culprits) and any fragrances. This not only significantly reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome, but has reduced skin irritations and cramps in women who have used BON tampons.

BON sanitary products are not deodorised – again, avoiding any potentially harmful chemicals. Several Doctors and Gynaecologists have persuasive arguments around going 100% organic and have recommended BON to avoid allergic reactions and causable syndromes from the toxic chemicals, sprays and fragrances found in traditional women's hygiene products.

Another concerning process is the use of chlorine when bleaching the cotton in conventional tampons as this creates dioxins. The FDA tolerates small doses of dioxins, which are an unwanted byproducts of this chlorinated bleaching process. However what isn’t widely known is that dioxins are identified as a known human carcinogen and there is a potential risk in exposing our bodies to this toxin, especially such an absorbent part of the body that has no way to defend itself against unwanted substances. Hence why doctors prescribe suppositories, which are placed in the rectum or vagina to ensure maximum effect.

Materials used to make BON packaging are biodegradable, right down to the plant based plastic wrap around our tampons.

BON organic products are produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides keeping the environment clean and organic. BON production methods help prevent the contamination of the air, water and soil around the world. BON organic growing methods prevent topsoil erosion, improve soil fertility, protects groundwater, conserves energy and deforestation. BON materials help improve the health of wildlife and ecosystems. The BON production process protects the health of applicable farm workers.

Simply put, you deserve nothing less than the best - try BON today.