"We use BON tampons because they are pure organic cotton, and the packaging is super stylish and sturdy - no need to worry about broken cardboard boxes and a gazillion tampons rolling around the bottom of your handbag. They are also NZ owned and operated - love that!"

- Hadlow Girls: Victoria, Charlotte, Rachel, Claudia, and Laura.


"I'm 36 and have been using Tampax for 20 years. God knows what they've started using in their products but this year, after my second child, I've found the product unusable because of severe irritation. Tried yours this week for the first time and voila, no irritation!"

- Emma


"Loving your product, you've got a winner on your hands from the twist opening, to the discreet and no shame going through airport customs with your product in my handbag! Thanks for making a fab product where I don't have to compromise on quality or my health."

- Tarryn Thompson, Generation Health



"I've enjoyed using your products for the first time this month. I've always had some form of lower abdomen ache's/pain for the first day or two of my period. I never thought it could be because of chemicals in tampons I just thought it must be part of it. I didn't get that at all this time when using your product so I believe it must be the tampons. Thank you."

- Natasha Malaulau


"BON is amazing. From the fast delivery, to the aesthetically pleasing packaging which I love, to the robust and discreet boxes. No more tampons rolling around! I love the fact that I am no longer putting toxins into my body by using an organic product. I believe this has also reduced period pain. Go BON!"

- Alice Prtichard


"BON is everything that my values and beliefs revolve around, environmental friendly products, sustainability and happiness! To find such an important product of every woman's life and make it 10 times better for the environment and 10 times better for women, you have created something that will become more and more popular and more and more relied on by women all around the world."

- Annaree Peters


"I have had the HPV virus for over 2 years now.  I decided to try your tampons after hearing about them through Motivate Me NZ and then researching.  I knew nothing of bleach or anything harmful within other tampons.  I have been using Bons for a good few months now and as of this month I am HPV free.  Could be coincidence but I would like to think it's thanks to investing in BON.  Totally love that they come in the mail too, no more lingering in the isle at the supermarket!"
- Toni